Sunday, July 8, 2007

:: there guitar 01 & 02 ::

there date: 01
real date: 7/8/07
song: operation ivy - big city
trials: it's been a long time. i recently adjusted my truss rod, and had some trouble with the pickups and the bridge, which i was able to fix.
effect: i feel as though i actually accomplished something. i have the same cleaning feeling as after air guitar but feel as though i've made some manner of tangible progress.
learned: it's tough incorporating air moves into there guitar. not impossible, but i have problems in looking away from the fretboard and keeping up my movement. it's tough! but my new goal is to be able to have a real band again, so the air and there training will both help.

air date: 02
real date: 7/8/07
song: descendents - sick-o-me
trials: no tabs for this song anywhere on the internet, so it took me a while to figure out something close. think it sounds good, although i seem to be a little quiet.
effect: this song always make me feel better. it's not really defeatist, just sort of doing the best you can until someone gets sick of you, because what can you really do at that point? i think it makes sense milo.
learned: moving around a little more. i make some weird ass faces when i play there guitar. i think i need to work on memorizing songs more and not looking at the fretboard.

hopefully this will help my air guitar as well. i've just been insanely frustrated that i've been focusing time on air guitar and guitar hero but none one there guitar! time to step it up!

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