Wednesday, July 28, 2010

:: the return ::

much has happened that i haven't chronicled here!

firstly in 2009 i donned the moniker of the wairwülf and attempted to make my mark on the philadelphia regional air guitar competition. but alas i was too weird for them...and just didn't quite have it together.

i was told i was just plain weird and had madonna arms. apparently judges don't know they should tremble in fear whenever they see 9 wolves hidden on a shirt. i received i believe a 4.7 a 4.8 and from bjorn turoque a 5.2, which was enough to make me feel like i could give it another crack.

for whatever reason in this past 2010 season i didn't compete. mostly because i felt retarded borrowing 20 bucks from someone for the entry fee. but i've had so much fun hanging out with everyone in the air guitar community i decided i'd start this up again. i think there were at least 2 people who were entertained by this!

so to get the ball rolling i took a random video [not an actual training video] in my new tinier room. i obviously need to find a new space to work on this stuff...

oh and for those interested; tour with mose giganticus was awesome! and apparently fruitful! his newest venture "gift horse" is now available for sale through relapse records! solid!

check it out on alternative press: HERE!


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