Monday, June 4, 2007

:: training day 07 ::

i never elaborated on this!

i'll put it into format later...

meet fellow adventurer papows!

after a quest to the party of parties in philadelphia, we returned to my abode to be locked out...what's more...IN A TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR!

after being in philadelphia for the past 2 days we could both really benefit from some cleansing.

so what do we do? do we succumb as most might?


the obvious choice is to go to the nearest bodega buy some irish spring soap and shower in the rain. the proper choice indeed.

then it was off to man hat to meet friend roo for sushi dinner...again walking far longer than needed in said downpour.

after dinner we receive word that my keys are in custody of a girl who was watching my roommate's dog. she's about to leave for work in 30 minutes. at this point we're about 2 miles from where she is. a bus could come, does it? no. obvious choice? give her a call and find somewhere else to stay and clean up?


adventure choice: run along the bus route in continued torrential downpour in the event that we may intercept one. this does not happen. we continue to run the remainder of the 2 miles, fully packed bags in tow. reach the destination with T - 1 minute to go! key checkpoint reached!

return home...everything is in order mission accomplished!

this video was not an air guitar video so much as a celebration of an adventure well executed!

papows has since returned to boston. he is missed.


meredith said...

papows scares me a little here.

Bob said...

yeah, haha, papows is a little bit wha-hacky