Wednesday, May 23, 2007

:: training day 06 ::

today i saw a couple good things in different cuts of my practices. i conferred with former bandmate and friend B0B330 and decided it would be best in the spirit of learning and science to upload 2 clips of the same length of the same portions of the song to see which aspects are working better.

what works for you?

:: gaining altitude video 06a ::

:: gaining altitude video 06b ::

air date: 06
real date: 5/23/07
song: royal - haze
trials: getting over the cold, but working with some major rageahol.
effect: anger or any furious emotion, when turned into focused rage can become pure energy. this is why i've taken on the concept of the berserker for my theme, if only i could settle on a moniker!
learned: try and try again! incorporated a powerslide...although slightly unmotivated. i was off camera most of the time as well, but i feel that's okay, as i'm going for energy/education and not specifically a video record. starting to put things together, but i still stumble on slower parts.
continuing ed.: i've managed to rip my pants due to jump kicks.


et! said...

those jump kicks were stellar! seriously a great inclusion, as well as the spinning. i was stoked! you def need to find room to totally rock out and to practice the powerslide. yes!!!

Peter said...

of both,
+ guitar behind head
+ standing kick
+ jump in air to grab guitar
+ point guitar to the sky