Thursday, May 17, 2007

:: field research ::

so no video tonight or my head might fall off from the rock. i just returned from seeing mastodon at the roseland ballroom and it was friggin incredible!

*edit* - found a video of the first song of the night!!!

show: mastodon & against me!
observed: mastodon and against me both had different kinds of energy, but both had lots of it!

the bassist from against me had a penchant for lifting his bass in the air as he held a note, pretty nice move!

mastodon does a lot of fancy fingerwork, so it's harder to move, but they definitely know how to thrash! super wide stance, super confident!

the pit was crazy too! there was a totally jacked blind guy with white cane, being led by a girl. he laid into people like nobody's business with unrivaled intensity. rocking transcends hardship and disability. a point made by zac the magnet monro, as transcribed by bjorn turoque in "to air is human." proven last night.

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