Thursday, May 17, 2007

:: mathromancer ::

some have been asking of the mysterious "paul" leaving me advice in my comments, and of credentials. these are pauls credentials:

paul is responsible for my interest in metal. for paul is metal. a mathematician with knowledge of magick most stellar...and luck with the ladies. i've coined him "the mathromancer." when i met him he was wearing a nintendo powerglove a danzig shirt and a german army jacket, and a couple weeks prior he had not showered after seeing gwar. since he's somehow risen to highly respected positions within the ranks of banana republic of all places, but let that not fool you, he has a heart of steel.

he holds the day of the untimely demise of dimebag darrell in [worthy] high regard, in his own words each yeah he holds:

a memorial to one of the greatest heavy metal guitarists of all time, dimebag darrell, through heavy drinking, rampant fistfights, and being @#$%& hostile

paul, the mathromancer, is one of my chosen mentors on my quest.

if you too need guidance, you may contact him at

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