Wednesday, May 16, 2007

:: training montage ::

to have a training montage...i have to train! here's day one of my rigorous air guitar training!

air date: 01
real date: 5/15/07
song: dio - stand up and shout
trials: accidentally punched hank [the dog] in the face during a windmill
effect: going in i was unfathomably depressed. out i was golden.
learned: need to be less self-conscious of camera, need to put the dog in the other room, need to work on fingerwork. learn song and changes even better!


Justin said...

good start! focus on your pelvic thrusts and try and incorporate the bandanna dynamically into the routine - hide half your face then show it for some major impact. also remember you aren't a good guitarist until you can swing it around your body grab it again perfectly and continue rocking out - playing behind the head and other creative yoga-like positions always score extra points with the judges and the ladies.


Peter said...

nevermind me, this was a great idea! Veto me more often!

Paul Mar said...

Stand up and shout is a tough first song in that it is fast you get accustomed to widly strumming. As you said as well, need to work on finger work which will just make your wild strumming more realistic.

A tip is to incorporate more moves into your routine. The key to air guitar is not actually play it like a real guitar. You need to blend fact and fiction. For example, around the 32 second mark where there is a slight pause spin your guitar around your body, throw it, eat it, anything. Especially wityh 60 seconds you need to make sure you include as mnay guitar tricks and David Lee Roth kicks as possible.