Wednesday, May 16, 2007

:: training day 02 ::

air date: 02
real date: 5/16/07
song: foo fighters - up in arms
trials: totally got soaked on bikeride home from work. was still soaked while airing. got tripped up on jacket pre solo...but put dog in other room today.
effect: in a better mood today going in, and better out. starting to feel a little less self conscious.
learned: making eye contact with the audience is okay, as long as it's "i'm looking at YOU!" and not "i'm checking to see how the recording looks."


meredith said...

thumbs up for the guitar throw + jump and catch combo.

Paul Mar said...

Another tough song in terms of slowness. Like doing Seasons in the Abyss for karokee. Hello 4 minute intro, 2 minutes of lyrics, and 3 minutes of solo / outro.

Too much use of the standard guitar position. Especially when you are doing some heavy strumming it is important to point your guitar towards the audience or towards the hot babe up front who is totallt digging your rocking out skills. Or really just anything. Also kicks, behind the back, and teeth playing are key. More movement on your non-strumming hand as well is important.

Also you don't look to be in enough pain. Summoning rock gods is torture on the body. Facial expressions and tongue sticking out is key.

Iris said...

NICE. the throw was good, but there was some anticipation going into it so i knew it was gonna happen. also, you should work on your left hand so that it looks like ou are moving on the fret board. but overall, it's lookin good!