Tuesday, May 22, 2007

:: training day 05 ::

air date: 05
real date: 5/22/07
song: frodus/devo - explosions
trials: coming down with a cold. had a very difficult time picking my song today, i really would like anyone reading this to leave suggestions so i can try songs i haven't heard much, or thought of.
effect: today i tried something a little new, implemented playing with my teeth and standing on the neck of the guitar to play the frets. also did the mathromancers "point at the ladies," at the end. although i feel my overall performance was pretty weak. plus i totally fell down at one point.
learned: again, i need a bigger space, and i need to know the songs better so i know what to do! most of the punk songs i know call for a lot of energy but not much fancy air guitarring. but being sick has sort of slowed me down too.

1 comment:

et! said...

Playing guitar with your teeth is classic and def a good move. I would suggest studying 80s hair bands, the more spandex the better. Van Halen's 'Panama' has some SWEET moves that could be incorporated. Can you get a hold of a harness for aerial acrobatics? They also get very dirty and sexy with their guitars, they make love to them! Creepy and AWESOME all at once. Um. Scissor kicks! Jumping!

What would be AMAZING would be doing the backwards-kick-step into a running-knee-slide when you come to a stop play with your teeth, throw your guitar in the air jump to your feet to catch it and resume the solo on cue!!! WOW! But maybe you don't want to blow your load all at once...