Sunday, May 20, 2007

:: training day 04 ::

air date: 04
real date: 5/20/07
song: me frist and the gimmie gimmies/elton john - rocket man
trials: recently returned from a spur of the moment weekend long trip to philadelphia. am relatively exhausted and famished at this point in the day.
effect: today i attempted to implement various bits of advice from the first few lessons, yet it felt a little too forced. although i did remember to tune! air guitar needs to flow free like the wind! keep giving suggestions and i'll keep working up a more naturalistic implementation! the point of training is to create reflex most definitely!
learned: on my excursion i conferred with friend and keytar wielder mose giganticus as well as rock and roller friend zia, and was informed of the lack of movement on the fretboard i was implementing...or rather not implementing? hm. in any event i tried to be a little more aware but again, it didn't pull off quite right. so i shall keep this in mind and be more conscious in the future! also it's difficult to make eye contact with theh audience when there is no audience.
queries: if anyone has theories on air guitar and rocking that go beyond the realm of comments and should become their own post i can add you as a team blogger. this includes quintessential air guitar songs. please get in touch with me!


ziasaurus said...

you are looking better already.
the tuning was a VERY nice touch!!

meredith said...

it was more believable that you were actually holding a guitar...more convincing...keep it up yo.