Friday, May 18, 2007

:: training day 03 ::

air date: 05
real date: 5/22/07
song: frodus/devo - explosions
trials: coming down with a cold. had a very difficult time picking my song today, i really would like anyone reasing this to leave suggestions so i can try songs i haven't heard much, or thought of.
effect: today i tried something a little new, implemented playing with my teeth and standing on the neck of the guitar to play the frets. although i feel my overall performance was pretty weak. plus i totally fell down at one point.
learned: again, i need a bigger space, and i need to know the songs better so i know what to do! most of the punk songs i know call for a lot of energy but not much fancy air guitaring. but being sick has sort of slowed me down too.


Sara said...

probably shouldn't "air guitar" when its a drum solo/intro, buddy!

:: smo :: said...

i'm not sure what you're talking about? there's guitar through that song, and it starts out with it! did you mean in the new post?

because i was obviously tuning!